Skilful Thinking

jerry photo 2011
Jerry Rhodes: Founder of Rhodes Educational Trust

Skilful Thinking is strategic

Of all skills, ‘thinking’ is the most strategic. It multiplies value. When you improve your ‘thinking’ you improve everything. It fuels and enhances all other skills, so that investment in raising your thinking performance brings returns in all your activities: in your work and at home.

This is why major corporations across the world have taken advantage of Jerry Rhodes’ research into skilful thinking, which introduces the ground-breaking concept, “Thinking-Intentions”.

This unique knowhow is available now to aspiring all-comers  through our online resources, brought to you with the support of Rhodes’ educational trust.

Jerry Rhodes' Educational Trust

Jerry founded this Trust to bring the strategic thinking skills that really matter today directly to aspiring individuals. Our new online services are built from the real learning of many thousands of people in business, universities and schools across five continents. Now you can access these services. Watch the video below – just a smidge over one minute  – to find out more.

How does your Thinking Work?

Your thinking profile affects everything you aim to achieve. In the video Jerry invites you to find out about how you think. Here’s how: with your ‘Strategic Key Markers’.

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