Metacognition Grows our Minds

What is metacognition?
Metacognition is the awareness and understanding of your own thinking.  
Of all skills, it is the most strategic. When you improve your 'thinking' process you improve everything.
Metacognition shows you how to think well in every situation.

​How do you learn it?
​​W​e all ​haphazardly pick up a bit here and a bit there about it, most of the time unconsciously. ​
We need a better approach than this.

Parents can remedy this
Jerry Rhodes, founder of Effective Intelligence, has created easy and fun ways for children to learn about and use metacognition well.
For yourself you will find ebooks, articles and quizzes. For your children there are games, books to share and all manner of activities. To find out more please visit

Metacognition is the supreme mind skill.  
Jerry Rhodes researched, developed and taught it exclusively for businesses, universities and schools.

Now ​​open for all

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