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How to make the most of the 32 Creative TIPs

The 32 Creative TIPs

1.  “Curiosity is the zest of the mind” Are you zestful?
2.  Keep asking ‘What else to explore?’
3.  Chasing after new ideas is fun  
4.  Attempts to reach a new idea must be many - to unearth a really good one

5.  Never seek fantasy and logic at the same time - both will suffer
6.  Don’t worry whether it will work for now - just day-dream possibilities
7.  Allow temporary fluidity in your mind, embracing all and everything
8.  Think in pencil - you can ink it in, if it looks useful.

9.  Be a bio-radio-telescope scanning the universe for its weakest signals.
10.  Don’t bother about being right, listen to your intuition first and then bother.
11.  Got a niggle in your mind? It might be a warning! It might be an opportunity!
12.  Intuition is your force-field between spirit and body.

13.  The epitome of ingenuity is to be flagrantly unorthodox
14.  The unexpected exceptional puts you ahead of the game
15.  You can sail faster against the wind
16.  Outcomes are so often the opposite of intention, so exploit that

17.  The small word ‘if’ packs a huge punch.
18.  Try changing your viewing point: pick the one opposite from you
19.  What would an eccentric outsider think when stuck?
20.  Everything, like the moon, has another side - it is only our position that blocks it

21.  What to change from is easier than to think up what to change to
22.  Turn a bad experience inside out and upside down for its positive potential
23.  Put two and five together to make a wonderful 52
24.  You can still re-imagine with super-effectiveness inside the box

25.  Pin-pointing the difficulty shows what must change
26.  Turn barriers into allies to take full advantage of them
27.  The obscure we see eventually; the completely apparent takes longer
28.  An Assumption is the first step towards a screw-up

29.  A brilliant idea comes from seeing the similarity between utterly different things
30.  A unifying simplicity comes from fusion between potential and application
31.  Strange, unrelated images offer myriad new ways to a breakthrough
32.  Envisioning something not in sight can make something wonderful out of nothing

Copyright 2019, Jerry Rhodes