Rhodes Effective Intelligence Trust

The Trust is founded by Jerry Rhodes to bring his original research and teaching directly to men and woman who have a genuine interest in developing their own thinking skills. This is likely to include professional knowledge workers, teachers, coaches and trainers of all kinds.

What's the research about?

Even the most clever people make mistakes, especially by neglecting some parts of the whole range of their potential. Individual preferences for different kinds of thinking, together with schooling and work experience, shape biases and limitations in thought. Through Jerry’s research it is now possible to assess how likely any individual will be, for example, prone to a failure of imagination, misplaced use of critical thinking, or loss of empathy.

Jerry Rhodes MA OXON Introduces the Trust

What's the Trust doing?

Our Trust offers leading-edge know-how which raises the thinking performance of everyone who applies it to their work and relationships. It includes the well-known Effective Intelligence Toolkit with The Rhodes’ Thinking-Intentions Profile.

In the beginning - the start of the Mission

Jerry has been researching and teaching for over forty years with businesses, universities and schools around the world. His interest in how people think began when, as Head of Training in Rank Xerox, he was looking into ‘creativity’. He discovered he was a prolific generator of ideas. It made such a difference to his understanding of how thinking works that he founded his own management consultancy, now also supported by his Associates

How the Mission Grew

It was Jerry’s collaboration in Eindhoven with Philips’ research team and their joint investigations into skilful thinking – the DEVA project – where the discovery of our human Thinking-Intentions was uncovered. The research story has been written up in several journals and it is published by Blackwell in the book Conceptual Tool-making* 

How the Mission led to Founding the Trust

While many thousands of people continue to access the Effective Intelligence Toolkit and the Thinking-Intentions Profile through their employing organisations, or as students at universities, that leaves out many millions.

The time now seems right for open access to anyone who wants to buy-in to Effective Intelligence. Home working has developed beyond its early beginnings, with good internet access readily available. Men and women today invest whole-heartedly in their own self-development.

What the Trust now offers

We offer a way into Effective Intelligence Toolkit without charge with the ‘Strategic Key Markers’ of your thinking, to three levels of depth. It enables you to taste and see what it is all about before investing more than just your time in the online course ‘How you Think’.

Find out what it's worth to you

It’s simple to take this first step. There is no charge. If you sign up you can take the Profile assessment and then choose whether to go further. We will link you into our newsletters as well, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

You can find out more about the Profile without charge here 

Alternatively you can go straight to the shop to purchase full access immediately with the online course ‘How you Think’.  

*Find Conceptual Tool-making in the Trust’s shop here

For information
Rhodes Effective Intelligence Trust: Number 4102697
Governed by UK Law. Directed and Managed by Trustees

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