Jerry Rhodes’ mission and work

Freedom to be creative is Jerry Rhodes’ driving force. His successful business career led him to found his own consultancy, specialising in creativity. Ever since he has researched how imagination works, so as to pass this on through a widening network of professionals whom he licenses to spread Effective Intelligence. Now this business knowhow is  being offered in a family-friendly version as well.

Rhodes has found that whatever anyone does it is because they think it is the best thing to do in the circumstances. But sometimes afterwards we wish we had done something different. If only one could think better, and think ahead, before committing on the wrong thing. We could do with 20-20 hindsight in advance.

Even the most clever people make mistakes, especially through ignoring their imagination. Through Rhodes’ research it is now possible to measure how likely any individual will be prone to this failure of imagination. Through the broad reach of his research, mainly with international companies, Rhodes has developed leading-edge know-how which raises the thinking performance of everyone who applies it to their work.
Why should more skilful thinking not work at home as well, in private life and with family and friends?

Like everyone, Jerry has made mistakes. He aims to learn from them. As a dedicated teacher, he is passionate in wanting to offer to others what he has learned about simplifying tasks and the different thinking demanded by them so as to reach for more frequent success.

His latest book, I Wonder: the Science of Imagination reveals some of his research findings, not only as tools to make it more likely you will find a new idea when you need one, but also why they should work for you. Readers return to it more than once as they find deep insights from its many illustrations. Other books published include The Colours of Your Mind (Collins 1988) and Conceptual Toolmaking (Blackwell 1991) and the next one about Innovation is already on its way.