Where did Thinking-Intentions come from?

Where did Thinking-Intentions come from? by Jerry Rhodes, Founder As a reader visiting this site I guess you share a common interest with me – learning how to learn. It’s such a necessary skill in these fast-paced days. A bit of background My career, after Oxford, began as a schoolmaster, but I contracted polio and […]

The Language of Tasks

The Language of Tasks by Jerry Rhodes, Founder Any situation you face that is difficult, complex or important I have named a ‘task’. You have taken it up so it is worth your serious thought, to improve on what you might otherwise do. It matters that you achieve the best result possible. Effective Intelligence is […]

Self-selected learning

How and what do you like to learn? by Jerry Rhodes, Founder Self-selected training A major UK services company is reviewing how it supports learning in the workplace. They are looking to provide individual employees with the freedom to choose what training they want to take – whether supplied in-house or elsewhere: with the caveat […]