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Parents and Children – Metacognition for all

Metacognition for Parents

The most important educators of young children are their parents.

Metacognition for Children

The playful Thunkies® are friendly, metacognition cartoon characters.

Why metacognition is important for parents

From the moment they are born, how you think sets the patterns of how your children learn to think. Parents are much more than influencers: you are their most important educators. 

How well you think affects everything you do with your children. Becoming aware of metacognition within your family life could be one of the best ways you can give your children that extra special start in life.

The birth of the Thunkies®

Before the Thunkies® there were the ‘Thunks’. When Jerry Rhodes joined a small research team based in a multi-national in the Netherlands they uncovered the metacognitive faculties of mind. They called them ‘Thunks’, a ​new name for the drivers of thought. 

After teaching metacognition to thousands of people in business and universities across the world with Thunks, Jerry Rhodes has transformed​ them into child-friendly cartoon characters called Thunkies®. 

What Thunkies® can do for you 

Metacognition is above and beyond the natural thinking of everyday life: hence ‘meta’. A different kind of self-awareness is needed, where you look into the invisible processes of your mind.

Invisible? So how to look? The Thunkies® make the invisible visible: for parents with newsletters, checklists and videos and for children with family games, picture books and activities.

Why Thunkies® for children

Children love them. How do we know? Our team has taken them to children, their parents and teachers in the UK and the US. Children 'get' the Thunkies® and what they do really fast.

As a parent, you know how important these early years are. You are helping your children build their basic thinking capabilities.

The first children's picture book "Home Alone Harry" is published on 22 October 2019.


Visit www.thunkies.com to pre-order Home Alone Harry and purchase after 22 October 2019.

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