Why your Profile matters

Jerry Rhodes

in conversation

Hello Jerry. I want to make the most from completing the questionnaire for my Thinking-Intentions Profile. How does my Profile influence the results I get?

why your profile matters results

J:  When you care about what you are doing your thinking matters, specially if it’s a situation never faced before. Even when you are doing something routine there’s always a learning curve when you could do it better. So thinking matters.

I do care about what I’m doing.  Most of the time….

J: Not counting things outside your control, the results you’re responsible come from to the actions you take.

why your profile matters actions

Even when others are involved, I realise my actions affect what they do… to help, or hinder them.

J: It’s your actions that people can see. And you see the results

Don’t I just.

J: What drives your actions are your thoughts – the conclusions about what you should do, what you want to do, what’s best to do. Your thoughts are not visible to other people and sometimes even you aren’t aware of them all. Your thoughts are below the water line.

why your profile matters thoughts

I do sometimes make notes about my thoughts, and I have been known to show them to other people.

J: How much do you steer your thoughts though? Being transparent can be helpful with colleagues and of course with your family. But more deeply hidden is your thinking itself. You’re even less aware of how you’re handling everything that informs your thoughts because this process is going on deeply inside you: the thinking that organises what you are thinking.


why your profile matters thinking

Is this deep kind of thinking what you call Thinking-Intentions?

J: Yes. These are the mental muscles to manage all the information flows through your mind.

So what about my Thinking-Intentions Profile?

J: Let’s go even deeper. Your Profile shows you which Thinking-Intentions you like to use most and which least.

why your profile matters profile

And what value is that to me?

J: With this knowledge you can up your game! Your thinking rises above the water line, into your conscious awareness and you can work both more efficiently and more effectively. You see how you’re thinking, and you can bring others in.

why your profile matters full

I think I’ve got it – the diagram helps – can I have a copy?

J: Of course  Here it is 

And what’s the link to do the profile?

The Profile link is here – J:  This is an offer without charge which takes you to the full questionnaire and gives you a read-out of the Strategic Key Markers in your thinking.

Thanks Jerry.