Here’s what’s offered

Understanding your own thinking profile is at the root of all you do. Everything you engage with will benefit from your having completed your Profile Assessment in the Strategic Look Package. 

It gives you insight into how you think. It shows you the Key Markers that drive the ways you:

•  make decisions
•  interact with colleagues
•  tackle problem-solving

You will learn:

– which thinking skills really matter given the current demands of work

– and which thinking skills to develop into the future

This is an introductory offer without any further commitment other than to receive our occasional newsletters with information about new resources as they come on stream. 

Why do this now?

The Assessment is not just a quick quiz. You are being given access to the fully tried and tested set of questions, used by many thousands of men and women all over the world – Europe, USA, Canada, Australasia and China.

When you finish you will receive the Strategic Key Markers of your thinking into your mail inbox.

We securely hold, on your behalf, your whole results. When you want look further, and get the personalised online learning resources, they are available immediately. You do not need to take another assessment.

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